Traveling Lutheran preacher, Rev. Nehemiah Bonham, began making visits in 1825—about once or twice a year—to what is known as the Dutch Cove community. A ‘Log Meeting House’ was erected for Rev. Bonham’s congregation. Circuit riders would visit the area in those early years. As time went on, there were denomination name changes from Lutheran, to Methodist Episcopal, to Methodist, and currently to United Methodist. Never changing though was the name given by that first preacher of ‘Morning Star’.

From the small beginnings in a log cabin, to a plank frame building, to a brick structure that was re-built after an electrical fire in 1940, the church has guided many generations through their Christian journey. Unknown numbers of circuit riders and over forty-nine preachers/pastors have served the Morning Star people in this little cove community since its establishment.

Morning Star remains a ‘beacon on the hill’, offering a heartfelt welcome to all who walk through its doors. We hope you will enter in and become a part of the next chapter of Morning Star’s history.